Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I recorded the documentary, Transformations, on TBN several months ago. Transformations is a documentary of four cities on three continents. Each city was filled with greed, corruption, evil, and drug infested - the cities were unlivable. A very small number of people, at the most ten, came together to pray for their respective city. Their numbers grew and each one of the cities are good places to live and no longer dangerous. If the city/town was near an agricultural area, the land slowly came back to life and was healed as God promised in II Chronicles 7:14.

When I saw what could be done by such a small number of people in each of these towns, I thought that the same principle can be applied to a nation. This is the reason for this blog: to gather people to pray daily for our nation and for our leaders to make good government decisions and to break and bind the spirits of greed, corruption and evil that inhabit this country.
When England was almost bombed out of existence by the Germans in WW II, Winston Churchill asked the nation to pray every night at 8 PM to save the country. England was saved.

Let us make an army of intercessors to stand on God's Word that He will heal this land if we turn to him and away from greed, corruption and evil.

Heal this land, O God Most High.

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Lily said...

We have strength through our Lord Jesus to heal this nation. Thank you for this blog. May many read and do.